Toy Mouse DIY

What you will need: 

8.5 x 11” piece of paper

Paper scissors and Fabric scissors

3 straight pins

 18” x 12” piece of cotton

Pencil or pen

Tape measure

2 discarded old socks, knee highs or tights (washed please!)

Hand sewing needle

Thread the same colour as the fabric

8” of yarn – contrasting colour

**Catnip, if it is for a cat



I use dollar store scissors for cutting paper and my good scissors for fabric. Paper will dull the blades.

** Most pet food stores sell catnip in small bags

Fabricland will cut and sell ½ yard of fabric

Walmart sells precut cotton pieces that are 18”x21”

Using two shorter lengths of thread is easier to use that one long one!


Step one:

Fold the piece of paper with the short sides together and crease

Draw a ½ heart using most of the page

Cut out along your drawn line

The paper, once it is opened up reveals a heart – this is your template when it is closed


Step two:

Fold your fabric with the short sides together and the wrong side exposed

Fold your paper heart back in half 

Place the template fold along the fabric fold

Draw around the template with pen or pencil

Remove template and pin the inside of the half heart

Cut out the mouse shape with your fabric scissors

Cut the yarn to length


Step three:

Cut 20” of thread x 2

Thread the needle, double the thread and knot the end twice

Place the yarn on the inside of the round mouse bum sticking out about 1”

Knot the end of the yarn and pin on the outside of mouse so it does not move

Pin to keep fabric from moving

Sew around the open edge from the left at 1/4” seam allowance to the center with a running stitch catching the tail yarn.

Knot your stitching at both ends

Sew from the right side towards the center leaving an opening 3 fingers wide on the top and knot


Step four:

Turn the mouse right side out gently, poke the nose and bum into shape with your baby finger

The yarn tail will be on the outside

Cut the sock, tights or nylons into 1/2” strips, roll them up and insert one by one into the mouse till nice and fat! It took 1 ½ knee socks for my mouse.

**If you wish to include catnip, make a mini pouch with a 2” strip of sock. Fold and stitch around one side and add about 1 teaspoon of catnip, fold and stitch up the remaining side. Add this little bag to the center of the mouse belly.

Tuck in and pin the open edges to the inside and stitch up the remaining area with a slip stitch.


I hope your pet enjoys this project by Hat Frenzy!

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