Interview with the founder

Tell us a little about yourself

My Name is Paul Nault and I am the Founder and CEO of PetVibe! I have been involved with business most of my adult life, creating, dreaming, and building businesses.  I think my passion for business was developed in my teens as I saw it as a way of creating an impact in the community, and family which are the cornerstone to success in my view.  Pets have always been a part of my life, mostly dogs, however as a father my daughters also enjoyed, hamsters, rabbits, cats, horses  and dogs.

How did you come up with the idea of PetVibe?

People have asked me many times, “How did you come up with the idea the idea of PetVibe”?   I was taking a break from studying a course in real estate and  a program came on TV reviewing the top business people in 2015,  all of the newcomers to came from people who were creating communities and creating a resource to change the way business is done.  Like Uber did for Rides, Air B and B did for traveling, Linkin did for networking,  I asked myself what industry has not been done,  Pets? I have never heard of an all-inclusive platform for pets, and the idea was born!

How did your vision change throughout the process?

We are creating something that has not been done, so we have to have a healthy balance of staying focused on the original but also listen to the pet community and creating something that will bring value to all three segments which makes up the community: 1-pet parents, 2 pet businesses and 3 pet compassionate services.  With that in mind I believe our vision has got much bigger and as we explore the possibilities are endless.

What is your top 2 favorite features of PetVibe?

My two favorite things on PetVibe are the community feed, which you can create with your follower’s/following. I really enjoy seeing a social media feed that’s just about every day pet parents sharing their pets, it’s very relaxing.  My second favorite feature is the business directory, to have all the businesses at your fingertips whether you’re at home or away is such a useful resource.  All the features of PetVibe are about connecting and/or making the journey easier as we care for the pets we love.

What are some of the things you hope to achieve with PetVibe?

I hope to create a community that’s more than just social networking, it’s also the most comprehensive resources on the market.  So whether your looking to connect with other pet parents, we created a meetups and events section, if you need help with your pet parenting or willing to help others pet parents in your neighborhood we created Pet Pals, but we also wanted to connect local business with the local pet community so they can tell their story in a single easy to use format. Creating a level playing field for anyone to tell their story and give pet parents choices as well savings.

Tell us a little bit more about the PetVibe Foundation

Giving back is at the heart of the PetVibe Foundation.  As a company one our principles is to provide a place for all non-profits to use the business tools at no charge.  A place to tell their story, to educate, to advise the community of events, to feature animals that are in need of help and support.  PetVibe Foundation is super excited to release our partnership with over 5,000 business in North America, like Staples, Walmart, Home Depo, etc who will donate from 2-25% of your purchases directly back to the charity that the PetVibe user chooses.  We believe our community has the potential to  generate millions of dollars in support to compassionate non-profits who need the support.

Where do you see PetVibe in 5 years?

PetVibe will be the Pet App!  I believe in 5 years we will be the place for all things pets. The real estate on our phone is getting more and more competitive, and at the end of the day you will only need one pet app.  So whether your looking for a connection, support, a walker, groomer or vet, what to share your beloved with others who have the same passion, what to support your favorite non-profit,  you will simply have to go to PetVibe, “A place for all things Pets”


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