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PetVibe, Canada’s Premiere Pet App, Launches PetVibe Foundation

Canadian pet app partners with non-profits and thousands of businesses to bring a simple and effective way to support organizations that are working to save the lives of animals in need.

VICTORIA, Sept. 25, 2018 /CNW/ – PetVibe launches the new PetVibe Foundation. As Canada’s premiere pet app, PetVibe introduces a platform that makes it easy to support organizations that are working towards animal welfare.

Over 7 million dogs and cats enter shelters every year and it is critical for rescue organizations to secure the necessary funds to ensure that these animals can receive proper care. Shoppers using the PetVibe Foundation not only help these pets but also save money with access to thousands of deals online across thousands of retailers. Once a sale is completed under the PetVibe Foundation, up to 25% of each purchase will be donated to an animal-related compassionate organization of the shopper’s choice creating a socially responsible shopping experience

This program allows members to continue regular online shopping routines while raising contributions for the organization of choice. With a growing list of participating animal-related compassionate organizations, people may choose where best to allocate their funds. PetVibe is constantly seeking out new not for profit organizations to join the program and welcomes users to suggest their favorite. The program is completely free to all parties and 100% of the contributions reaches the selected organization.

The PetVibe Foundation was created by PetVibe, the first all inclusive platform to service the pet industry. PetVibe gives all pet lovers a place to come together, share special moments and create a community to love, support and care for the needs of pets.

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About PetVibe
PetVibe was created for pet lovers as a place to expand their community in a safe and fun environment. PetVibe is a user driven community for connecting, sharing, educating, and creating the best possible pet ownership experience. PetVibe is packed with awesome features for pet lovers including Pet Pals, Contests, Coupons, Meetups, Events, Reviews, and Lost Pet Alert.

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