Press Release: Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

PetVibe Excited to Announce Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign on FrontFundr 

Fans and Followers of PetVibe can now become Share Owners and Benefit from North American Expansion
VANCOUVER, Nov. 27, 2018 /CNW/ – PetVibe, the first pet social network to support pet owners, animal welfare organizations, and pet businesses, is pleased to announce that it is making a portion of its shares available to the public via the Frontfundr crowdfunding platform.

Paul Nault, Founder at PetVibe, explains: “The PetVibe app is the premier pet app in the marketplace today. Via the PetVibe App we’re creating the biggest and most useful community for the pet world to share and celebrate their love for pets. The PetVibe social network has communities for all types of pets and already over 150 pet companies engaging. In addition, this fall we launched the PetVibe Foundation with the goal of raising over $10M for pet charities.”

According to Nault, “Too often, the people who create and use social networks are locked out of the tremendous potential that arises from growth in the user base. We want to bridge the gap between the user and investors and give the pet community the opportunity to participate in the rapid growth of PetVibe. This is why we have partnered with FrontFundr to create a streamlined online way for small or large investors to acquire shares in PetVibe.”
The PetVibe financing on FrontFundr is open for a limited window of time and is on a first come, first serve basis for eligible investors.
Members of the public who are interested in purchasing shares in PetVibe should go to the company’s FrontFundr page at: and select the level of investment that suits their budget.

Full details of the offering can be found in the Offering Documents on FrontFundr. This document is for information purposes only. Please consult your finance professional before making an investment.

About PetVibe
PetVibe was created for pet lovers as a social network for connecting, sharing, educating, and creating the best possible pet ownership experience. The PetVibe App is packed with awesome features including Pet Newsfeed, Contests, Coupons, Meetups, Events, and Lost Pet Alert.
Download the free PetVibe App in the App Store and Google Play / Read about PetVibe on our website: / Subscribe to PetVibe on Instagram @petvibeapp

About FrontFundr
FrontFundr is an online investing platform that empowers Canadians to find and make direct investments in the private companies they believe in – and become stakeholders in their future. FrontFundr’s online exempt market dealer (EMD) status plus its modern technology lets users across Canada easily invest in vetted, innovative growth businesses in under 12 minutes.

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